Renewable Energy Systems

Hochschule Nordhausen


Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
3 Semester
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Vollzeitstudium; weiterführendes Studium
Sommer- und Wintersemester

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Studienfelder: Erneuerbare Energien

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

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Dominique Wollniok

studiert Renewable Energy Systems an der Hochschule Nordhausen

Renewable Energy Systems is very, very interesting for the people who care about the planet.

#Studienfach Renewable Energy Systems is about the energy and the sector which we can use to produce energy from the renewables, like wind, like solar energy or like ocean energy or maybe recycling our trashes. Beside we learn about the effect of CO2 and reduction of CO2 or something like that.

#Hochschule There are a lot of good professors and high level supervisors. The university is one of the green universities in Germany and it is also a young university, so the professors are always available and help us immediately or as soon as they can.

#Studienort Finding apartements in Nordhausen very easy, especially for the students compared to the other cities, big cities, you can find a single room or a shared flat room easily with a very, very good price.

#sonstso After my graduation, my vision is, to become an entrepreneur or to become a minister of energy. I will try to, launch my startups in the renewable energy area. Or I try to get employed in some renewable energy companies.

Koorosh studiert Renewable Energy Systems an der Hochschule Nordhausen

Koorosh studiert Renewable Energy Systems an der Hochschule Nordhausen

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